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A Forgotten History of a Sacred Land.

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The Land on which Red Mountain and the surrounding area is located  is RESERVATION LAND belonging to the Native American Communities there. While there are public accessible areas along the rivers the mountain is strictly off limits for trespass at this time, except by permission only. While no hiking is presently allowed at Red Mountain, the land marks can be seen plainly from these public accesses. Please do not TRESPASS without PERMISION IN WRITING from those representing the Native American Community. READ ALL SIGNS AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS!   It is illegal to dig, prospect, carry firearms, trespass or remove any item from lands belonging to Native American Tribes.

Disclaimer of Liability

The author, publisher, staff, any and all associates or partners of this book do not endorse, condone nor suggest illegal trespassing onto Indian lands presented in this book.  Neither do we share in any responsibility or liability for those who trespass onto lands presented in this book. We  do not accept liability for any loss or injury to person(s) or property as a result of content written in this book. Trespassing and acquiring trespass permission onto lands mentioned in this book are solely the responsibility of any and all persons visiting lands mentioned in this book. This disclaimer is considered a fair and reasonable warning and notice to those who visit said lands.
Quest for Peralta Gold
A Hidden History of Red Mountain

           For more than a century treasure seekers have scoured the rugged, deadly interior of the Superstition Wilderness in search of the famous Sombrero Mines of Peralta. Many sacrificed all their worldly possessions, and often their very lives in this quest. Discoveries made in 1988 show conclusively that the Sombrero Mines were never located in the Superstitions, but rather in a sacred place where the Verde and Salt Rivers come together.

          Mount McDowell, known locally as Red Mountain, has guarded it's secret past from the world until author John Ramses made the connection between the landmarks shown on the Peralta-Ruth Map and the outcrops at Red Mountain in 1988.

          In this book the author has revealed everything he discovered in that year which proves beyond doubt that the Sombrero Mines were real, and  includes the photos and location of the mines, landmarks, the tunnel, caves, and the key to solving the riddle of the map. Also, the author will show the reader how the map was created and ultimately deciphered.

        Browse the photographs in this site and see for yourself the landmarks, artifacts and mines belonging to this famous, if not infamous legend of lost treasure. Then order a copy of Quest for Peralta Gold to learn more of the hidden history of Red Mountain and one man's obsession to learn its secrets.

Thank You, Ghosttown USA,
And to all my readers and the visitors who
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    "A very attractive publication, full of the author's helpful photographs documenting his argument that the mining activity he located near Red Mountain matches the clues and tradition of the Peralta mines. It is a strong argument. Like fellow author Jay Fraser, Ramses takes on the orthodox view that the Lost Dutchman, or the Peralta mines, had to be in the Superstitions. In particular, and most intriguingly, he presents his case that mining activity and the geography of the Red Mountain area closely fits the Ruth-Peralta map, much more so than the traditional view that it has to be about the Superstitions.
    This is a very personal and fascinating story about John Ramses and his discovery. It took the author more than ten hard years to get this material into publication - what it cost him is poignantly presented. There really isn't another Dutchman book quite like this, well worth reading. See author's website."
-- Doug Stewart Doug Stewart

    "Are all the searchers for the Lost Dutchman Mine looking in the wrong place? Author John Victor Ramses thinks so. I have just finished his book, " Quest For Peralta Gold, A hidden History of Red Mountain. John feels that the Peralta mines and the Lost Dutchman mine are in the area of Red Mountain and Arizona Dam Butte and he makes a good case for his hypothesis. 
    The main evidence that John presents for his conclusions, is the Peralta-Ruth Map, known as the Perfil Mapa. Many people have a lot of faith in this map and have tried to use it to locate the mine in the superstitions. As far as I have been able to ascertain, no one has been able to find an exact match for the profile on the map. 
    John's approach to the map is unique, but I think it makes a lot of sense. To John the map is a series of sightings, rather than one complete profile. You travel the trail until you see the profile of S. Cima, then you turn South and travel through a saddle in the hills until you spot the next landmark on the map and so on. John comes up with a lot of good evidence as he goes through each clue. John found a number of caves and shafts in the area, and he has included a number of very interesting pictures in his book. 
    The main weaknesses that I see to Johns premise is the lack of any evidence of major mining activities in the area and no ore samples to show. I'm not going to get into all the other Dutchman clues that don't match up with Red Mountain, that will be for others more knowledgeable than myself. 
    The book was very well written and interesting to read. John kept the book to a reasonable length to keep the readers interest. There were some exciting parts when John was shot while at Red Mountain, and a good lesson about how much you tell others about what you are doing. The book was also a very touching apology and tribute to John's ex-wife. 
    I would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in Lost Treasures and especially the Lost Dutchman Mine. John did his research and his book will be of value to anyone interested in the Spanish mines of Arizona. "
 -- Steve Draper Treasure Hunting With Steve Draper

"I recently read "Quest for the Peralta Gold" by John Victor Ramses. It is a fascinating story of one man's obsession with the search for lost treasure. The author makes a compelling argument for his discovery of the legendary lost Peralta Gold Mines. He claims to have found them just north of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and believes that the Lost Dutchman Mine is nearby. Unfortunately, Mr. Ramses did not find any gold or riches. He merely discovered a few long-abandoned diggings and some empty mine tunnels. This book is certainly interesting even if you do not intend to venture out into the Arizona desert in search of lost treasure". 
-- Mike Leco USA Tourist.com


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