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Date: 10 - 07 - 2000
I recieved my order quickley and a I am satisfied with both the product and the solution... I hope
you have found all the forms of gold that life has to offer.
good health
good luck
good fortune
jeff g
Date: 10 - 17 - 2000
John – The evidence you present in your book has stirred a strong element of truth within me. As a long time Dutchman-Peralta enthusiast, successful treasure hunter and resident of Arizona (Chandler) I could sit on my back porch with Red Mountain (Mt. Mcdowell) in full view and relive your 1988 adventure. Today I visited Red Mountain for the first time and looked closely at the landmarks you present in your book. You are right when you say this mountain is ‘awe-inspiring’. I did not have to strain the eye or imagination to see the image of that “Indian” viewed from the north. It is easily seen from the highway before reaching Shea Blvd. On the southern side of the mountain there was no question that it showed the left (el sombrero) outline.  I saw the red outcrops against the base of Az Dam Butte, too (but did not venture in). to view the pictures in your book is one thing. To stand and look at the actual landmarks and mountain is quite another. These are the Sombrero Mines of the legendary peraltas. I feel it. While I still have my doubts about the Waltz mine being up there too I must say I am compelled to re-evaluate the clues and location. At least this place should be a starting point to finding it. Thanks for providing us with your experiences and knowledge. Thought provoking to say the least. My brother (in Tucson) is ordering a copy today also. I look forward to reading Return to Red Mountain when it is available.

Thanks.  Steve Carr Jr.


Date: 10 - 21 - 2000
Great read, john. Seriously makes you stop and think and sheds a new fresh perspective on the whole Dutchman matter. I think this is the first book on treasure hunting I have read that shares so much of what it is to be a treasure hunter – the personal side of the hunt.  My wife is reading it now (and she keeps saying ‘Now you know what we wives have to go through with your hobby!) But she loves the hunt too!  Glad I bought this. Glad it is finally finished! Good Hunting. Tom Sellers (and Mrs. Sellers too, she yelled).
Date: 10 - 21 - 2000
As a long time treasure hunter and LDM hunter I’m still convinced its somewhere in the Supes - Labarge Canyon I think. But the Peralta mines and map theory is intriguing. Good detective work. Good quality book. Your web site is equally impressive. What made you decide to tell the story and show all your research? Just curious. Regards, Paul Wilson, Peoria AZ.