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Return to Red Mountain: A Forgotten History of a Sacred Place
John Victor Ramses

Return to Red Mountain: A Forgotten History of a Sacred Land is a companion book to Quest for Peralta Gold and takes the reader deeper into the mysterious and wondrous soul of Red Mountain, including beautiful photographs of landscapes and haunting images in stone, Native American lore, Flora and Fauna, mysterious occurances, spirits, and the effects on the mountain and landscape by the encroaching urban influence. John Ramses revisits the land of the Sombrero Mines once more picking up where his last book left off,  providing more insight and detail to previously discussed topics.

Publication Pending

Author's Note:  To make our collection of stories and history complete we incourage submissions by anyone who has historical or pertinent information directly concerning Red Mountain - Arizona Dam Butte region. Most welcome are Native American tales, beliefs and true experiences. All submissions, if used in the book, will be credited to the party responsible for submitting the information. Follow-up phone interviews may follow submission.

If you have knowledge of history and or events concerning the Red Mountain area, please fill out the form below, or email the author at: john@onetavera.com
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